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What are the Most Common Materials Used for Making Artificial Flowers

The fast paced life that we are living leaves us with hardly any time for relaxing, much less for tending to the garden or even to buy natural flowers if there is an upcoming party in your home. So, if during the weekend, you are busy in organizing a get-together with your friends in your home, the best way to decorate your home is to use artificial flowers to adorn your mantel. These flowers are extremely convenient and feasible for busy people who can hardly take out any time to tend gardens.

There is no doubt that fresh flowers completely change the ambiance of any home by adding the smell and fragrance that will be an added feature of your home setting. However, these fresh flowers do not remain fresh for a long time because they become old very soon. Moreover, they need to be looked after because their petals will eventually become brown and fall off. You will need to find time to take out the vase and ensure that it is clean for the next lot of flowers. However, in the case of artificial flowers, there is no need to find time to do any of the above maintenance work and still they will look just as good as the real ones. Although they look good all the time, if you want the artificial flowers that cannot be distinguished from natural flowers, you need to go in for the higher quality ones. They will need no pruning or watering at all.

foam flowers1
Artificial flowers are made from different materials but the most common and favourite material is silk because it has a smooth touch that is liked by everyone to feel. Moreover, silk is available in many different colours and as such artificial flowers made from silk are available in a wide range of colours. A cheaper variety of artificial flowers is made from plastic which is also very popular. The advantage of plastic is that it gives a robust look and plastic flowers are much more economical than the silk ones. These artificial flowers also do not need any maintenance except for using the dust-brush frequently so that the flowers are kept clean. There is absolutely no need to bother about any damage from insects or bugs.

The other materials that are used to make artificial flowers include organza and satin as flowers made from these materials look almost real. The fake flowers are also made from paper, soap, clay, wood shavings, rice paper that is mostly used in China, coloured feathers that are used in South America, wax, painted linen, stained horn in Egypt, gold and silver in ancient Rome, and tinted shells. An interesting technique that is used for making these flowers involves stretching nylon fabric especially netting over wire frames. The majority of artificial flowers that are available in the market nowadays are made from polyester fabric. Silk flowers made with silk, rayon and cotton are also very popular as they look and feel good.

Artificial flowers are gaining immense popularity especially because people just do not have the time to grow, nurture and maintain natural flowers. Moreover, the varied colours and designs and the corresponding vases that can be procured from the shops make them most desirable and acceptable throughout the year.


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